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Making coffee at the airplane – Aeropress story

I told a friend of mine my story of the Vietnamese Coffee Brewer. As I was sharing the story, my friend told me that he does something similar with a coffee portable expresso maker called “Aeropress”. This happened during a coffee break and he offered me a coffee using his Aeropress. My friend used a delicious Australian coffee. He pulled a bag of whole coffee bean and he then pulled a portable coffee grinder. I actually did the grinding of the coffee using the grinder, it was very fun. As I was preparing the coffee, he told me that he carries his Aeropress in his backpack so that he could make his own coffee in the kitchens of the airplanes. This is a great idea, specially because the coffee offered by all the airlines I have traveled is very bad. With the use of the Aeropress, all you need is hot water and the coffee you like (the filters are included). With that you should be able to prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

The process on how to make coffee using Aeropress is very simple. Watch the video below on how to brew coffee using Aeropress.

After I shared this story to one of my closest friend, he surprised me and decided to buy me an Aeropress for my birthday. So now I have my own aeropress at home and I enjoy making my own coffee using my aeropress maker during my trips.

Product Details:
A Better Coffee Press

The AeroPress coffee maker is a new kind of coffee press that brews coffee under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering. This results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavors but without bitterness and with very low acidity. Since its introduction the AeroPress has become a much beloved brewer for serious coffee lovers and coffee professionals around the world.

The AeroPress coffee maker is most commonly used in the home kitchen but it is lightweight, compact, and durable, making it ideal for use when camping, backpacking, boating, or just traveling. The AeroPress is available with a zippered nylon tote bag (see photo at left) that makes it easy to travel with the coffee maker and a bag of coffee. Packs of 350 replacement filters (see photo at left) can be purchased from many retailers that carry the AeroPress.