Coffee Maker at Airport – Pour Over Coffee – Ceramic Cup

I was about to take an airplane and I desperately needed a coffee. But sometimes I have questions specially because at the airport coffee could be bad and expensive. So I trusted a little shop that was located at the corner of the gate.

I ordered an americano and to my surprise I saw the barista using a little plastic ceramic cup on top of the mug.  She used a filter to prepare a slow drip drip coffee for me.

I loved the coffee and the product was so practical that I decided to buy it as part of my home brewing coffee collection. I think the concept is very clever and practical. I think it is similar to the Vietnamise Coffee Filter expect for the fact that this product needs some kind of paper filter.

I shared with the barista the story my Vietnamese friend  and how both techniques were very similar.

I am adding the link to the device that I am talking about in case you want to buy it.

Kuissential Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Pour Over Coffee Filter, Size 02 (Includes 40 filters & coffee scoop)

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