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Coffee Maker at Airport – Pour Over Coffee – Ceramic Cup

I was about to take an airplane and I desperately needed a coffee. But sometimes I have questions specially because at the airport coffee could be bad and expensive. So I trusted a little shop that was located at the corner of the gate.

I ordered an americano and to my surprise I saw the barista using a little plastic ceramic cup on top of the mug.  She used a filter to prepare a slow drip drip coffee for me.

I loved the coffee and the product was so practical that I decided to buy it as part of my home brewing coffee collection. I think the concept is very clever and practical. I think it is similar to the Vietnamise Coffee Filter expect for the fact that this product needs some kind of paper filter.

I shared with the barista the story my Vietnamese friend  and how both techniques were very similar.

I am adding the link to the device that I am talking about in case you want to buy it.

Kuissential Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Pour Over Coffee Filter, Size 02 (Includes 40 filters & coffee scoop)

Aeropress Travel Coffee Maker – Good Airplane Coffee

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker


JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel


Making coffee at the airplane – Aeropress story

I told a friend of mine my story of the Vietnamese Coffee Brewer. As I was sharing the story, my friend told me that he does something similar with a coffee portable expresso maker called “Aeropress”. This happened during a coffee break and he offered me a coffee using his Aeropress. My friend used a delicious Australian coffee. He pulled a bag of whole coffee bean and he then pulled a portable coffee grinder. I actually did the grinding of the coffee using the grinder, it was very fun. As I was preparing the coffee, he told me that he carries his Aeropress in his backpack so that he could make his own coffee in the kitchens of the airplanes. This is a great idea, specially because the coffee offered by all the airlines I have traveled is very bad. With the use of the Aeropress, all you need is hot water and the coffee you like (the filters are included). With that you should be able to prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

The process on how to make coffee using Aeropress is very simple. Watch the video below on how to brew coffee using Aeropress.

After I shared this story to one of my closest friend, he surprised me and decided to buy me an Aeropress for my birthday. So now I have my own aeropress at home and I enjoy making my own coffee using my aeropress maker during my trips.

Product Details:
A Better Coffee Press

The AeroPress coffee maker is a new kind of coffee press that brews coffee under ideal conditions: proper temperature, total immersion, and rapid filtering. This results in amazingly delicious coffee with a wide range of beautiful flavors but without bitterness and with very low acidity. Since its introduction the AeroPress has become a much beloved brewer for serious coffee lovers and coffee professionals around the world.

The AeroPress coffee maker is most commonly used in the home kitchen but it is lightweight, compact, and durable, making it ideal for use when camping, backpacking, boating, or just traveling. The AeroPress is available with a zippered nylon tote bag (see photo at left) that makes it easy to travel with the coffee maker and a bag of coffee. Packs of 350 replacement filters (see photo at left) can be purchased from many retailers that carry the AeroPress.

Chemex a Nice Christmas Gift

Chemex Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker


Osaka Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Double Layered Filter, Paperless and Reusable Cone Shaped Filter for Osaka, Chemex, Hario, Bodum and Other Carafes

My family know that when they want to please me with a present then the word coffee needs to be on the present. So this christmas I received a great present from my oldest son. He gave me a Chemex. A Chemex is nothing more than a coffee maker.  The technique required to use this product is what is called pour over. For those new to the idea of brewing coffee, this is the technique that most coffee shops will use to over price your coffee. When in reality this is a very simple and fun brewing technique (like most).

One important thing to know is that you will also need a filter to use this product. You are welcome to use paper filters but my son requested a re usable filter that ended up being very convenient.

The taste of the coffee is spectacular as it uses a technique that will help you appreciate the essence of the coffee you are brewing (watch video). The taste will be very different than other coffee brewing techniques like the one you will get with french press, espresso machine, etc..


Chemex delivers the purest flavor experience:

Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues.

Chemex pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor.

Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design.

Like all good things, full flavor takes time — and your own special touch. The Chemex Coffeemaker delivers only the elements essential to rich coffee flavor, so that your personal taste and approach shine through.

Chemex Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker

Osaka Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Double Layered Filter, Paperless and Reusable Cone Shaped Filter for Osaka, Chemex, Hario, Bodum and Other Carafes

Vietnamese Coffee Brewer Story

Vietnamese Coffee Brewer – Story

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set. Also known as a Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8oz

I was visiting Myanmar and the coffee at the hotel where I was staying was very bad. I saw one of my friends from Vietnam enjoining what it looked like a delicious cup of coffee, I couldn’t resist and I asked him, where did you get that cup of coffee? He told me that he had brewed it himself at his hotel room. I didn’t believe at first especially because I knew he was coming from Vietnam and I couldn’t picture him packing a bulky coffee maker like the one I have at home.

He later explained to me and he did a demonstration in front of me on how he brewed his coffee. He told me that every time he travels he packs a very small device that is broadly use in Vietnam. It is a small coffee brewer. My friend was so kind and he looked at me so desperate that  he gave me his coffee brewer including the delicious Vietnamese coffee that he brought from Vietnam.

Thanks to my friend I was able to enjoy throughout the week a delicious morning and night coffee that I was able to brew it at my own hotel room. All I needed in addition to the small Vietnamese coffee brewer and the coffee  was hot water that I could easily get using an electric kettle that the hotels usually provide in each room.

Ever since my friend taught me how to pack and brew my own coffee,  I don’t worry anymore about the quality of the coffee at the places I visit. I know that all I need is to pack imy portable Vietnamese coffee brewer and the coffee of my choice. Then I know that early in the morning or late at night I can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee!!

Below a video that better explains the way to brew coffee using the Vietnamese Coffee Brewer.

How to brew Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese Coffee Filter Set. Also known as a Vietnamese Coffee Maker or Press 8oz

Be Present, Relax and Enjoy Coffee

Be Present, Relax and Enjoy Coffee !!

During my trip to India_2014

We have the tendency to easily lose the sense of wonder.

I believe that the capacity to be amazed by what happens around us is a skill that we need to exercise as we grow up into our adult life. We should constantly remind ourselves to appreciate the miracles that God has in store for us in those simple moments that we experience in our daily life.

This trip to India helped me to confirm the importance of being mindful in those short but significant moments that happen in our lives. I feel blessed with the opportunity that God has given me to meet wonderful people in different parts of the world, try delicious food and to visit many places that have became significant in my life.

I often reflect about my love for coffee and I come to the conclusion that coffee is a vehicle to remember. It helps me to connect with my past but at the same time it allows me to be present. It helps me to contemplate what is happening around me. It gives me the opportunity to recap after a long day and to treasure those significant moments that God has allowed me to experience during the day.

Thank you Lord for the gift of life…..And thank you for the gift of this delicious cup of coffee!!

Be Present, Relax and Enjoy Coffee!!